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Effective Networking

Image: www.buildtalent.co.uk

Networking is a rather new, fashionable and important concept…

Especially during economic downturns…But how to do it properly? How to create value and a sustainable win-win relationship?

The effective networking workshop by Dr. Riza Kadilar offers insights into effective networking by providing participants with ample opportunities to enhance their network by extending their reach in the most effective way.

All it takes for an effective networking is to create “value” to the people you have a connection with.

In this workshop participants will therefore discover our approach to networking based on the following four concepts:

–                how to create trust based connections (Heart),

–                how to plan and manage it (Head),

–                how to enhance their reach with tools and techniques (Hand),

–                how to create a sustainable value added (Hug).

Especially designed for people working in international business environment, the workshop also focuses on the psychological and cultural aspects of Networking by introducing some proven interpersonal communication skills and techniques of coaching and leadership development including the use of social media and some examples of latest discoveries in neurological studies…

And on networking… Did you know that:

–           A referral generates 80 percent more results than a cold call?

–           Approximately 70 percent of all jobs found through networking?

–           On the average, every person you meet has about 250 contacts

–           Anyone you might want to meet or contact is only five people away from you?

Networking consists of creating links from people we know to people they know in an organized way, for a specific purpose, while remaining committed to doing our part and expecting nothing in return. The key phrase here is the last part, “expecting nothing in return”. “Expecting nothing in return” means supporting others without keeping score. Keeping score blocks the flow and makes people hesitant to give in return. You don’t have to make others feel obligated to support you. People naturally want to support each other, when trust, relationship, and respect are present. When trust exists, you don’t need to worry about who gave to whom, or how often or how much they gave…When you trust people, you know that they will do the best they can, reciprocate when they con and serve you in the same way that they have been served. Therefore the issue here is how to establish trust, relationship and respect in the most efficient way?

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